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New Kid on the Block ;) - healthbuddies
New Kid on the Block ;)

Hello everyone!

I'm pretty much in the same boat as the rest of you, which is why I've found my way here.  I struggled with my weight for several years, and, like brib, I want to get healthier before college.  I've been trying to use www.sparkpeople.com since this summer, but ended up straying from the plans once school started up.  I figured now is as good a time as ever, since it's a new year, and will be trying to get back with it.  I would definitely recommend Spark, it sounds very similar to the Self website.  It's free, and you can set up mealplans, exercise, schedules, and lots of other helpful things.  My biggest problem at the moment is motivation, especially to get out an exercise.  This community sounds really helpful, I'm looking forward to talking with you guys...

Happy New Year!

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jimwise From: jimwise Date: January 24th, 2007 08:49 am (UTC) (Link)
HI honey! Your name sounds super familiar.. are you with Guns n Handcuffs, by chance??

Anyway, I AM SO SO SO FREAKING SORRY that I did not see this when it was originally posted. I think I was really busy around that time, and missed a few entries that were made by new members. You may hate me if you'd like. :o)

I'm checking out the website as I write this, and it looks fantastic so far. I'm reading their featured article on eating out, and while I've already read dozens of similar ones, it seems as if they really put the emphasis on realistic tips. Like, where to sit in the restaurant and etc. Much different than a lot of other things I've read.

Motivation is HUGE with me as well. I always always say that I'm going to go to the gym today! But never do. :o) I think my biggest motivation is that.. I'd SO much rather go to the gym a few times a week than count calories every day. Does that make sense?

Also.. I try and do a lot of those little exercises that you read about, the ones that you can do while watching tv or driving. It's harder to tell if they are making a difference, physically speaking.. but it DOES help with motivation. I'll do crunches or lunges while watching tv, and I think.. well hell, this isn't so bad. I'll go to the gym for a little bit now! I'm also trying to find a friend to go to the gym with me, because that is what I've always found to be the best motivation. Chances are, one of you will feel like going at LEAST once a week. So that's twice a week right there!
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