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You know, I was watching the Food Network the other night, as I often… - healthbuddies
You know, I was watching the Food Network the other night, as I often do. :o) And there's this newish good show with Elie Krieger (I have no patience right now to look up her name, I'm assuming it's spelled close enough to that!), who is a nutritionist. She used this plate with pre-drawn lines on it. 50% of the plate is to be devoted to fruits and vegetables. And then I think it was 30/20, where 30% was for some kind of protein and 20% was for some type of carbohydrate/whole grain kind of thing. It was SO simple, but ingenious really.

Now, I'm not telling all of us to start magic markering all of our plates. But it just lead me to think of how difficult we all think weight loss is. But really, it can, and should be, so simple. Now, a lot of times that I go into the kitchen or order food out, I think so much more about vegetables. I'm generally not nearly close enough to half a plate full, but I can't believe how many meals I go through without one bite of a real vegetable! It's crazy. When all I have to do is open up a can of green beans, or microwave some frozen spinach, and add it to my meal. Not only am I adding tons of nutrients.. but it also allows me to eat less of the full-fat food and still feel just as full.

It's also lead me to other things.. instead of doing a full out diet with tons of restrictions.. why don't we all try to suggest smaller things you can do everyday? Like, I haven't bought butter in months. Instead, I use that spray stuff (You know, Fabio's I can't believe it's not butter? Well it's in a SPRAY form now) and not only is it absolutely DELICIOUS, but it has zeros all down the nutrition facts label.

I've also tried to stop choosing creamy things. No more clam chowder or alfredo sauces. I love soup, so when Progresso went on sale, I bought like a dozen cans of their vegetable soup and a lot of their soups that have 100 calories or less per serving. I love love love pasta, so instead of doing that no-carb thing.. instead, I love whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce and then some veggies or a salad with it. I also much prefer fish to red meat, and I used to forget how much healthier it was. Now, I try and eat seafood a lot, and I haven't really eaten much red meat lately. Another thing I've always loved was NOT cooking. Haha, like my kind of comfort food is Spaghettios, which I would make when I didn't feel like cooking. Now, instead of a bowl of six hundred calories.. I'll pop in a Lean Cuisine, with generally less than half the calories and fat of a can of Spaghettios. The vast majority of healthy frozen entrees (I recommend Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones, the red box that has something to do with Weight Watchers) almost always come with a good amount of veggies too.

Now.. I may not be ready to get a size 6 (or hell, even a size 10 probably) by summertime.. it makes me excited to wonder how these smaller changes will help me throughout the whole year.

If you've gotten this far! :o) haha, what kinds of tips do YOU have to share?? Things that we can all try on a daily basis. I'd love to hear them!


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miasedai From: miasedai Date: January 24th, 2007 12:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
For me, the main thing to do is not buy candy. As long as I don't have it in the house then there's a bigger chance I won't eat any.

HOWEVER, I live with two girls who eat a lot of candy, and if they have it standing out then I allow myself a bite or two of chocolate or some potato chips. The point then is that it's someone else's, and I won't eat all of it, just a little bit.

I also go for walks. I'm not a big fan of gyms and stuff like that, but I love going for walks, especially with a friend. We catch up on all the good gossip, and at the same time we do some excersise.

And use the stairs instead of escalators/elevators, and get off the bus one or two stops before my actual stops.

All of these are small things, but they all add up and make it one neat package =)
jimwise From: jimwise Date: January 24th, 2007 10:44 pm (UTC) (Link)
Taking the STAIRS is such a great tip that I forgot. I always try to take them two at a time (if you know, in an appropriate place where it doesn't matter if I like like a kid! haha), as it uses even more calories and muscle.
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