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Hi everyone! I've just joined this group (thanks to seeing it… - healthbuddies
Hi everyone! I've just joined this group (thanks to seeing it referenced in a post of Brib's - hi brib!) and am, like the rest of you it seems, trying to figure out how to eat healthier and fit exercise into my busy schedule. I've already gained the freshman 15 from a starting weight that was in need of improvement, and I've decided to get serious about fixing bad habits.

I'm a first year college student, and my biggest struggle is the dining hall. The dining hall has very a limited selection with few healthy choices and tempting bad ones. It's "all you care to eat" style, so I can't simply buy something healthy and refuse to purchase more. It's far to easy to simply throw something bad on my plate or take more than I need in the name of "getting my money's worth". Ideally I would avoid the dining hall for a good portion of meals and prepare my own, but not only is grocery shopping wasting time and money when the dining hall plan is already paid for, but I'm at a very high-intensity college and meals are an ideal time to merely sit and relax with my peers without feeling the stress of work. Excercise is equally a problem as I have a serious lack in self motivation and all the classes are low-intensity, scheduled at bad times, and/or frequently cancelled.

What I'm hoping to find here is a health buddy, someone in my same situation (a college student surviving on campus dining and with high school stress and too little time), to help me find solutions and get motivated. It would be great to be accountable to someone for all my bad habits, and to have someone cheer me on when I'm doing well, and I'm willing to return the favour in kind.
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jimwise From: jimwise Date: March 20th, 2007 08:40 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hey, thanks so much for joining!

Trust me when I say your situation is SO NORMAL. I went through the same thing in school - meals are the time where I get to see my friends, and spend an hour just eating plate after plate while gabbing and people watching.

As I'm sure you've heard from others, the key to any dining hall experience is creativity. There are tons of healthy alternatives if you take the initial time to look around. I know how easy it is to simply grab a pre-made sandwich or pasta dish because it's so good and cheesy. But.. why not make your own sandwich? That way you can use meat and cheese as sparingly as you can, and totally loading up on veggies and low-cal dressings. (A lot of my friends would bring their own dressing to the dining hall - I felt weird doing it, but no one ever made a fuss about it! So worth it to use it too, rather than use the full-fat versions.) Pasta can also be super healthy - if you occasionally skip by the mac and cheese bar. :o)

Okay, I had lots more stuff to say - BUT I need to run lots of errands. I'll keep this window up so that we can chat later. :o) Welcome to the community.

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